Vixen ED115S Telescope

The newly designed high definition ED lens on the Vixen ED115S telescope gives outstanding optical performance with its Extra Low Dispersion(ED)glass and chromatic aberration is virtually eliminated.

The scope corrected false colours almost perfectly when in focus... Pointing the scope at the stars showed the optics to be virtually perfectly corrected"*.

The ED lenses feature brighter images from the shorter f/7.7 focal ratio to capture crisp, pinpoint star images for your viewing enjoyment.

The ED115S lenses are made with environmently friendly technologies, free of hazardous lead that helps to support a cleaner global environment.

The new lenses focus the full spectrum of visible light to a critical point much more accurately than past ED products. The astro-photographer will be especially pleased with the high contrast images through this telescope.

The ED115S comes complete with 125mm tube rings and Vixen's New Dual Speed Focuser.

Vixen ED115S Telescope


  • A full objective diameter of 4.5" (115mm) with a focal length of 35" (890mm) operating at a focal ratio of f/7.7.
  • Short tube length of 3.7" (940mm) and tube weight of 9.7 lbs (4.4kg) make it easily portable.
  • Generous 5.9" (150mm) of backfocus is standard and can produce 4" (101.4mm) of backfocus with optional reducer.
  • Dual Speed Focuser, now standard on the ED115, provides fine focus adjustments for 1/7th speed focusing.
  • Sharp, color-free image of high contrast for both visual and photographic applications - without unwanted color or "blooming"
  • Light Gathering Power: 270x
  • Resolving Power, Limiting Magnitude: 1.01 arc sec., 12.1
  • Dimensions: 125mm 920mm/ 5 x 36 in Weight: 4.4kg / 9.7 lbs

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