Vixen ED81S Telescope

When the Vixen ED81S telescope was first released, it set a brand new standard for APO refractors. A combination of better color correction from the brand new extra low dispersal (ED) glass as well as brighter images from the fast f7.7 ratio which will satisfy the most discerning astronomer or astrophotographer.

The ED81S with the Sphinx mount brings together the highest quality short length telescope with the finest quality GOTO mount. You'll not be disappointed with the operation or picture quality from this package.

First time buyers will easily start observing many hundreds of celestial objects. For the astro-photographer the ED81S as well as the Sphinx mount makes it an excellent combination.

Vixen ED81S Telescope

With the mount's capability to use an auto guider as well as connect with other computer software, you'll be on the right track to take a lot of excellent images.

The 81mm aperture is incredibly compact and light-weight and includes the actual Vixen dual speed system as standard.

Light gathering is 134x magnification and is supplied with rings and mounting plate for fast and simple connection to virtually any Vixen mount.

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