Vixen R130sf Review

by Jerry

The Vixen R130sf is an excellent small affordable newtonian. It's easily transportable and I found it very straightforward to use. One awesome feature is the ability to capture pictures through the telescope using only a T-ring for my Canon camera.

Just about all other newtonians I have used do not come to focus, but on the Vixen R130Sf Telescope, the focuser barrel unscrews in the middle, which enables you to get your camera closer and so focus. The images were highly detailed and bright seen through the scope and it's really light.

The specifications are as follows

Optical Tube: 130mm, Multi Coated, Newtonian
Focal Length: 650mm; f/5.0
Eyepieces: PL20mm, Pl6.3mm
Resolving Power: .89"
Light Gathering Powwer: 345x
Tube Length: 650mm/ 25.5 in
Tube Weight: 9 lbs.

It's also possible to view countless star clusters and dark clouds, as well as nebulas and galaxies, a great telescope for the price.

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