Vixen Skypod Mount

The Vixen Skypod Mount is a unique portable alt-azimuth computer controlled "Go To" mount that evolved from the very successful Vixen Sphinx mount.

The Skypod incorporates a compact computer controlled Alt-Az system that automatically slews the telescope from one object to another.

This new and portable GoTo travel mount uses the modified Starbook S hand controller that offers the same practical user concept of the Sphinx controller. A display shows you a map of the sky so that you always know where you are.

Navigate by object name or use the starchart to plan your observing session. The 22,000 plus object, upgradeable data base, provides an endless variety of objects to view.

The controller is integrated into the mount. You can take it off for remote control, but you can always put it back for safe storage and transport. This means that for transport you can avoid all the separate small parts that are otherwise easily lost.

Because the Skypod it is based on Vixen's flexible mounting system, a wide variety of telescopes will easily and quickly attach to this mount. Skypod provides good portability combined with ease of use and versatility.

Vixen Skypod Mount

Skypod Mount Details:

  • Newly developed and sturdy alt-azimuth GoTo mount
  • Electrical slow motion control in both axes
  • Self-Contained Batteries and Starbook-S storage
  • 70 tooth brass worm gear
  • Interior all metal construction
  • Integrated Starbook S controller, can be removed for cable-remote control
  • Internal battery compartment (batteries not included) or 12V external power supply available
  • Telescope connection by Vixen dovetail saddle plate
  • Mount motion linked to star chart
  • Mount Capacity: 15 lbs.
  • Weight: 8.8kg/ 14.3 lbs
  • Optional Counterweight

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