Vixen Space Eye 70 Refractor Telescope

The Vixen Space Eye 70 refractor telescope is a great "Entry" Level telescope that has features and quality generally seen only on more expensive optical tubes.

From the mount's slow motion handles to the diagonal eyepiece holder, this scope will enable you to get up and running in your discovery of the night sky.

The telescope eyepieces that are included with this scope will ensure you are ready to begin your viewing sessions in just minutes. Setup is really quick and easy, and the Space Eye 70 is certainly light enough for traveling.

The slow motion handles allow for smooth tracking and together with the finder scope and diagonal make for comfortable viewing.

This top quality Vixen refractor operates at a focal length of 700mm with an f/ratio of 10.

Although this system is small and lightweight it is still is very powerful. The complete package weighs in at only 6.8 pounds , making it manageable by even the most inexperienced observer.

Although small it's still possible to reveal many of the most spectacular wonders of the night sky.

Through its space "eye" you'll discover the moons of Jupiter, craters on the Moon, the rings of Saturn, colorful double stars, vast nebula, bright clusters and so much more.


  • Effective Aperture: 70mm
  • Focal Length: 700mm
  • Resolving Power: 1.66 arc sec.
  • Light Gathering Power: 100x
  • Finder Scope: 5x20mm
  • Visual Back: Insertion 31.7mm push fit
  • Eyepiece: PL20; PL10
  • Altazimuth Mount with Tripod expands from 27.5" to 50"
  • Other Accessory: Erect Image Diagonal; Accessory Tray
  • Total Weight: 6.8 lbs

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