Vixen VMC200L Telescope

The Vixen VMC200L telescope is a unique 200mm 8 inch catadioptric optical system. It incorporates a primary mirror and a meniscus corrector just before a secondary mirror

By doing so, light is corrected twice on the optical path. The end result is that spherical aberration and field curvature are corrected to a high degree of optical performance.

The VMC200L’s primary mirror is f/2.5; the compound optical system is f/9.75. This makes the system much more compact and portable than its competition.

With the optical correction placed before the secondary mirror, the VMC200L avoids the necessity of having a corrector plate and all the dewing problems associated with a closed optical tube.

Vixen VMC200L Telescope

An additional key feature is the rack and pinion focusing that is placed behind the primary mirror. The use of this focusing system eliminates the image shift associated with most other SCT systems.

This is especially important when using high power magnification or astro-photography. When focusing, the image is stable and easy to adjust.


  • Fully accessorized and ready to mount.
  • Outstanding Theoretical Resolution (Dawes) of 0.63" (16mm).
  • Theoretical Minimum Magnification of 13.3.
  • Premium design for high magnification astrophotography applications.
  • Primary mirror is f/2.5 with a compound optical system resulting in a focal ratio of f/9.75.
  • More compact and portable the competing models.
  • Faster focal ratio for a wide, true field of view.

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