Vixen VMC330L Telescope

This is not merely just another catadioptric telescope, the Vixen VMC330L telescope is a true all purpose scope. With two Dielectric coated mirrors and two high-precision corrector lenses, one of which is a meniscus lens.

This scope produces sharp images with no hint of false color. The corrector lenses, in front of the secondary mirror, virtually eliminate spherical aberration and field curvature. Focusing is through primary mirror movement. The f/13 optical system is suitable for observation of all types of celestial objects.

The VMC330L has great contrast, and is an excellent telescope for observing galaxies, faint nebula and distant planets. With its open tube the telescope cools down quicker than an SCT or classical Maksutov-Cassegrain.

The optical design of the VMC330L is great for high grade astro imaging. The meniscus correcting lens offers a large corrected field.

Vixen VMC330L Telescope


  • Primary Mirror 330m Diameter, Sperical, Pyrex, Dielectric Coating
  • Secondary Mirror 86mm Diameter Spherical Mirror, Pyrex, Dielectric Coating
  • Secondary Mirror Obstruction 102mm Diameter; Corrector Lenses: 2 element, multi coated
  • Finder scope
  • 7x50mm (6.8 degrees)
  • Focuser
  • 2" focuser (1.25" or T2 adaptations are optional)
  • Focusing Type Primary Mirror Micro-Movement
  • Mount Adaptation
  • Dovetail plate
  • Aperture / focal ratio
  • Aperture 330mm / focal ratio f/13
  • Weight 19.8 kg ( 44 Lbs.) OTA Only
  • Focal Length 4300mm
  • Visual Back 50.8mm (2 in.) , 31.7mm (1.2 in.)
  • Dimensions 390mm x 933mm (15.3 x 36.7 inches)
  • Mirror Coating Dielectric coating
  • Accessories Tube Rings and Plate, 7x50 Finder Scope

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