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Top DSLR For Astrophotography
by: Gordon

One of the easiest and quickest ways to find out which camera will suit your purpose would be to join a local astronomy club.

The majority of clubs have members who are into astrophotography and will be prepared to assist you. They will often allow you to use equipment so that you can decide if it's really a hobby to engage in.

Bear in mind astrophotography is not exactly a cheap pastime. I'm assuming you already have a decent equatorial mount, tripod and telescope to which you can attach a digital camera.

An equatorial mount will track your heavenly object as the Earth rotates and is essential in order to keep your telescope directed at the star or constellation you're taking pictures of. Without it your pictures will be light streaks.

A dslr such as the Sony A900, Canon 5D Mark II, or Nikon D700 would be a good choice. If however these are out of your price range then almost any dslr from Sony, Pentax, Nikon, Canon or Olympus will do.

Best to read up on the specification on each one before you make a final decision.

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