William Optics SCT Focuser

The William Optics SCT focuser incorporates a Digital Display Gauge (DDG,) and is a revolutionary design primarily geared towards serious astronomers and astrophotographers.

This innovative device is the first ever seen on an astronomical telescope.

The majority of Meade and Celestron SCTs owners are now able to enjoy the benefits of a precision focuser with a digital readout, and is excellent option for accurate focusing which is so essential for successful astrophotography.

The Digital Display Gauge ' DDG' allows you to take precise focusing readings down to two decimals precision instantly.

With this new device integrated into your telescope you will no longer need your old red flashlight during observations or imaging of the night sky.

This premium (2") 360 degree rotatable DDG focuser comes with two locking screws on angled positions for heavy load applications, a SILK-SMOOTH 2-speed microfocuser, a 2" to 1.25 " adapter and a thermometer installed into focuser knob.


  • Will work with virtually any standard SCT/MC telescope.
  • 2" SCT DDG Focuser. Schmidt-Cassegrain / Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope rotatable focuser with 1:10 dual speed microfocuser.
  • It fits both Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with 2" thread
  • Including 2" to 1.25" adapter and thermometer.
  • Weight :980g

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