Intes Micro Alter M615

The Intes Micro Alter M615 telescope is a 6" F/15 Maksutov-Cassegrain optical system with moving primary mirror focusing. The Alter M 615 has the longer focal length and focal ratio (F/15) than Alter M603 which makes it both a small portable lunar and planetary instrument.

Due to a smaller central obstruction it provides low level contrast in the images which makes it better for visual observation.

The greatest advantage of this planetary telescope is in it's compact design. In spite of it's long focal length the Intes Micro Alter M615 continues to be extremely portable and has excellent stability.

The Intes Micro Alter M615 has an integrated cooling fan that drastically reduces the cool-down time. As a result the telescope is ready to be used very much quicker, a superb advantage if you intend to do quick fire observations of the moon or a planet.

Intes Micro Alter M615


  • Clear Aperture - 152 mm
  • Focal length - 2280 + 100 mm
  • Focal ratio - F/15
  • Back Focus - 15 - 290 mm
  • Photographic field of View - 10 03'
  • Tube diameter - 198 mm
  • Tube length - 485 mm
  • Tube weight - 4.8 kg
  • Max. useful magnification - 2x per mm aperture
  • Reflectitivity of mirrors - 95%
  • Central obstruction - 33%
  • Optical quality (for wave length 0.63 µm) - Minimum 1/6th wavefront error
  • RMS - 0.041
  • Body parts material - aluminium
  • Primary and secondary mirrors material - K7, LK5 (Pyrex) with reflective aluminium coating and SiO2 protected

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