Apogee Imaging Systems

Apogee Imaging Systems have been supplying cooled CCD cameras to amateur astronomers throughout the world. Their cameras are now employed in over fifty countries, from world class professional observatories to backyard obervatories where amateur astronomers continue to make new discoveries day after day.

Throughout the years Apogee have added every suggested improvement they possibly could to their cameras to bring their technology to a higher level.

Taken time out to listen to astronomers wishes they have included as much as possible into the Alta and Ascent ranges.

With Alta, they aimed at the highest performance possible, whilst the Ascent range has higher speeds and more accessible pricing.

Apogee's cameras have been put to use for high end astronomical applications such as capturing the first images of optical counterparts of gamma ray bursts, as well as numerous discoveries of comets, near-Earth asteroids, and extra-solar planets.

At the top end, back-illuminated CCDs have long been the workhorses of the astronomy community. Their exceptional sensitivity makes them ideal for minimizing exposure time and maximizing signal-to-noise in low light applications like astronomy.

For astrophotography, Kodak's new large format sensors provide extremely high detail over a large field-of-view, whilst remaining extremely affordable.

For anyone just starting out, the Ascent Series offers a wide array of amazingly low priced options.

Apogee Alta U Series
All cameras are ideal for applications requiring large field of view, such as sky surveys and radiology.

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