Astro Physics Starfire

The Astro Physics StarFire : 160mm f7.5 EDF
The 160mm StarFire EDF is one of several in the range and was made from the ground-up as a completely new instrument, not simply a modification of an earlier model.

The exceptional, multi-coated triplet, air-spaced apochromat lens employs the latest in multi-coating technological know-how using the highest grade of optical glass to create outstanding image brightness and outstanding color correction.

The close air-spaced design results in rapid cooldown during nighttime temperature swings. Color correction is well suited for all visual and imaging requirements.

The 1200mm focal length allows a full range of eyepiece designs from simple to complex to produce incredibly razor-sharp planetary images. Performance has already become legendary among imagers.

Multiple baffles reduce stray light to a minimum. The lens resides in a push-pull cell that maintains its collimation even under conditions of vibration during shipping. The new sliding dewcap has a built-in baffle to help prevent dew as well as block stray light.

The Astro Physics Starfire 160 EDF comes as standard with a 4" greaseless focuser, which has been developed to hold all kinds of weighty equipment, whilst moving smoothly without image shift.

A built-in collar enables the focuser to rotate a full 360 degrees to suit. Focus travel is a generous 105mm (4.1"), and is positioned so that the Baader Planetarium Mark V Binocular Viewer will come to focus without the 1.25x compensator.

The giant 4" focuser will enable you to appreciate any and all of your astronomy pursuits. The 4" ID of the drawtube will allow maximum coverage of the Pentax 6 x 7 cm negative for medium format photography. The inside of the drawtube has a series of knife-edge baffles for maximum contrast.

Choose from a full line of photographic accessories for CCD imaging, 35mm and medium format film photography. In addition to an optional 4" Prime Focus Field Flattener, we offer a dedicated f5.75 Flat-Field Telecompressor that is diffraction-limited over the entire 35mm field. Perfect for the new, large chips available today.

The Mach1GTO, 900GTO or 1200GTO German Equatorial mounts are all recommended for astrophotography, depending on your requirements for portability and the amount of wind you are likely to encounter at your photographic site.

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