Baader Contrast Booster Filter

The Baader Contrast Booster Filter takes contrast enhancement and skyglow reduction to the optimum level possible.

Not only does the Baader Contrast filter deliver a significant enhancement of planetary and lunar contrasts, but it is designed to completely eliminate the damaging blue defocused haze present in achromatic refractors.

Long gone is the irritating blue halo and obscuring haze that surround and smear resolution and contrast. Subtle contrasts and colors are boosted, while displaying the full resolution your scope is capable of.

The Baader Filter combines a special proprietary melt of Neodymium glass with a carefully designed 23 layer dielectric long-pass blocker on one face, and a 7-layer ultra-low antireflection coating on the other face.

By aggressively filtering out the defocused blue wavelengths, a light yellow tint is imparted to objects (noticeably less than a typical yellow filter).

The special coatings enable over 95% transmission across key portions of the visible spectrum. This results in a filter that retains the colors and color contrasts in tough subjects like Jupiter, without excessive image dimming.

Cloud bands retain their ruddy red hues, but now become more striking in contrast. The Great Red Spot finally becomes easier. Planets and Lunarscapes are set against a jet black sky. The Contrast-Booster is a must for Solar observing (with Baader Astro Solar).

As many amateur astronomers have found, this is the ideal filter for observing Mars. The views of Mars with all telescopes (including reflectors and apochromats) benefit from the RGB filtration plus blue blocking.

This is a unique filter for a host of different astronomical tasks, and has been especially designed to improve on the common beginners telescope. It provides a professional replacement for the simple dark green Moon and solar filters made of raw polished glass.

Even though this filter might initially appear comparable to Baader's Moon & SkyGlow filter, it is fundamentally designed to serve a totally different function. And whilst it too blocks atmospheric sky glow near the city the night sky turns pitch black.

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