Baader UV IR Cut Filter

The Baader UV IR Cut Filter is the only infrared blocker in this price bracket that features a planoptically polished substrate, parallel to within thirty seconds of arc.

In combination with the unique properties of the Baader-Contrast-Booster the resulting spectral window eliminates all known effects of image deterioration which is a necessity for any kind of digital imaging.

Additionally, it is a good choice for safeguarding valuable H-Alpha filters from heat stress and destructive IR.

Because of their very high optical quality, these filters can be stacked and employed a long way in front of the focal plane.

Just like the Baader Planetarium Contrast-Booster, the UV-IR-Cut filter makes use of the latest coating technology to provide the best possible filtration quality, and lifetime durability.

An unparalleled 98% average transmission offers freedom from ghost images.

Whilst the extremely sharp cutoff at 690nm (leaves all the visible red, including the important 656nm H-alpha emission line). Sharp cutoff below 400nm.

Additionally it does away with violet halos around bright stars. This is much more effective than simpler so called Minus Violet photographic filters.

This filter has a true optical quality glass substrate and coatings. Why would anyone want to spend all their money on quality primary optics, only to add a lesser grade filter optic in the path?

It's possible to combine the UV-IR-Cut filter with any other Baader filters, to deliver the sharpest images possible.

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