Baader Filter

If you want to obtain the best images from your telescope you will want to take a look at the Baader Filter range.

They are are amongst the best that money can buy as attested by many amateur astronomers.

Being able to perform high magnifications, the stars hold their pinpoint sharpness, even when the filter is employed way in front of the image plane.

These filters from Baader definately satisfy all of the conditions of the perfect filter, which is to accomplish their filtration at highest functionality without any detectable effect on the image.

Baader Neodymium Filter
These Filters are considered to be one of the most effective and economical tools for the amateur. Many amateur astronomers agree that if you only ever purchase just one filter for your telescope this should be the one.

Baader Contrast Filter
Long gone is the irritating blue halo and obscuring haze that surround and smear resolution and contrast. Specially designed to improve Refracting telescopes, to provide a professional replacement for the basic "dark green" Moon Filters made of "raw polished" glass.

Baader Fringe Killer
The Baader Fringe Killer Filter minimizes unwanted blue fringing, comparable to a Minus-Violet-Filter, while retaining a very pleasing color balance.

Baader UV IR Cut Filter
The only infrared blocker in this price range featuring a planoptically polished substrate, parallel to within 30 seconds of arc

Baader IR-Pass Filter
Baader Planetarium delivers the latest tool in the planetary imager's bag of tricks. The Baader IR-Pass filter blocks wavelengths below 670 nm.

Baader UHC-S Nebula Filter
The UHC-S delivers a darker sky and improved contrast over typical broadband 'Deep Sky Filters', but without sacrificing all the stars like other 'UHC' filters

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