Canon 18x50 IS Binoculars

by Dan Harper

As relative newcomer to astronomy I really appreciate the sharp steady view with these Canon 18X50 IS binoculars. The view is reasonably steady even with the Image stabilizer off, depending how stable you are of course.

My binoculars actually cost more than my telescope,and my telescope is a pretty decent one too.

Nevertheless I think they are well worth it. You an see so much more in the night sky than what you can with the naked eye.

They are of course great during the day too. Their weight is not much of an issue for me, although everyone is different depending on their viewing habits.

I think a hard carry case would have been the best but it's not a big issue for my use. I have no hesitation in recommending this pair of binoculars to anyone who is serious about great quality and performance.

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