Celestron 15X70 Skymaster Review

by Brian Spelling

Having been involved in amateur astronomy for a decade or more, I have a reasonable understanding of the type of optics that are used. I have used a wide variety of scopes and have built a diy newtonian that I still continue to use today.

The one draw back I have found is the expense involved and portability of quality scopes. Whilst I would never give up observing through a telescope I have found that I tend to use astronomy binoculars more frequently, simply because they are more convienient.

After experimenting with a number of different makes I finally settled on the Celestron 15X70 Skymaster. From my experience I found them to be by far the best amateur astronomy binoculars for the money. They're definitely extraordinary value.

You could of course spend an extraordinary amount even on binoculars which without doubt are great instruments and give great views, but after trying many different makes came to the conclusion that the difference was minimal.

It is probably only the most discerning astronomer that would detect the subtle differences. Everyone one's eyes are different and will have their own take on which astronomy binoculars are the best, but for the money and view you get you will be hard pushed to find something better.

If you are a beginner looking to get going in astronomy or maybe more experienced and looking for an reason to leave your telescope at home, you will find these Celestron binoculars are a fantastic deal and with if looked after properly will last an eternity.

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