Celestron 93522 Dual Axis Motor Drive

by Hector

I acquired these dual axis drives for my Celestron Omni which has a CG4 mount. They're good quality brass and chrome pieces without any tricky demands for connecting to the mount gears.

Once in position and the batteries are switched on the RA drive tracks accurately even at an approximate northern alignment. Both drives respond promptly with minimal backlash and smooth movement when viewing through the eyepiece.

The control box is the standard Celestron model supplied with the older G5 and C5 series, however it is a good unit with N/S directional switch, 2x, 4x, 8x tracking speeds along with a small amount of velcro is situated nicely on the side of the tripod.

You just need to pay attention to wrapping the telephone wires when re-orienting from north to south.

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