Celestron HD Pro Wedge

The Celestron HD Pro Wedge has been designed to support fork mounted Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes up to 11 inches. The HD Pro Wedge provides a heavy duty, stable platform that is perfect for astroimaging and guarantees minimal vibration.

A low latitude range of 0-90 degrees makes this wedge functional for use at the equator. Built-in features include altitude/azimuth adjustment controls with oversized knobs attached for easy polar alignment.

The hand control holder provides the option of placing on the wedge or the fork arm, a tilt plate for easier mounting of the telescope by simply rotating the scope onto the wedge, and a large 14 mm diameter latitude adjustment screw to add strength and stability while supplying less vibration and easier rotation with a heavy telescope.

Celestron HD Pro Wedge

HD Pro Wedge - General Features

The 14 mm diameter latitude adjustment screw adds strength and stability, and does not flex or bend, providing less vibration and making it easier to rotate a heavy telescope.

0-90 Degree Latitude Range - Low latitude range, perfect for use at the equator.

Built-in Hand Control Holder - Allows user to place the hand control on the wedge or fork arm. Hand control won't fall off when fork arm is angled towards the ground.

Tilt Plate - Recesses to fit base of telescope and base of scope drops into place just by rotating. Mounting telescope on wedge becomes easier.

Heavy Duty Side Plates - More rigid with more material provides less vibration while imaging.

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