Coronado Solarmax Filters

About Coronado Solarmax Filters

All Meade Coronado SolarMax II series filters are sold in sets which consist of a front mounted SolarMax II and rear blocking filter.

Coronado filters are used extensively worldwide by serious solar enthusiasts and professional research facilities alike.

When properly and safely mounted on your high quality refractor or other suitable telescope this filter set allows observation and imaging of the amazing and ever changing surface detail and prominences on the Sun in hydrogen-alpha (Ha) light.

A number of events on the Sun, notably active flares and coronal mass ejections (CME), are extremely fast moving.

If such features occur on the disc of the Sun, their high velocity towards the observer results in their wavelength being Doppler shifted shorter than Ha. The new RichView tuning system allows the user to fine-tune the filter to adjust for these fast moving Doppler shifted events

If you think the view through a SolarMax II filter is amazing, you won't believe the incredible contrast and detailed resolution you can have with a Double Stacked SolarMax II filter system.

Coronado Solarmax Filters

By combining two SolarMax II filters, fine-tuned individually with the RichView tuning system, the bandpass is reduced from 0.7 Angstroms to 0.5 Angstroms.

The effect of the narrower bandpass is greatly increased contrast on the surface of the Sun which brings out fantastic details in active regions, filaments, flares and other surface phenomenon.

Double Stacking is the choice of the most demanding and advanced solar observers.

The PST, SolarMax 40, 60 and 90 telescopes and all SolarMax II filters can be Double Stacked to achieve the ultimate in solar viewing.

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