Solar Filters

Solar Filters are made by several different companies and are divided into different categories depending on the wavelength of light which passes through the filter.

Please Note: It is extremely important to understand right from the start that you must use an appropriate filter for visual use or irreversible damage to the eyes will result.

Each telescope will have recommended filters and it is wise to check to ensure the one's you intend to use are correct and safe as well.

If a solar filter is described "For Photographic Use ONLY", that's what it means, take their word for it. These kinds of filters can allow certain wavelengths of light to pass through that are not damaging to imaging equipment, but they definately can be to the human eye.

Observing the Sun is both enjoyable and educational pastime. You can view the march of giant sunspots, the clouds of glowing vapor in the photosphere, and solar "granulation" detail.

Solar Filters

SolarMax H-Alpha Filter

Coronado filters by Meade are used worldwide by serious solar astronomers and professional research facilities alike.

When correctly and safely mounted on your high quality refractor or other suitable telescope this filter set will allow for observation and imaging of the awesome and ever changing surface detail and prominences on the Sun in hydrogen-alpha (Ha) light.

The Coronado SolarMax H-Alpha Filter is a high quality filter currently available in 40mm,60mm and 90mm.

Celestron Solar Filter

Celestron Solar Filters are made with Baader Astro Solar™ Safety Film which is far superior to any other existing glass, Mylar or polymer filters, they lead to brighter, sharper, and higher contrast images.

Solar Filters

When you begin to observe the wonders of our Sun you will be hooked by the amazing sometimes spectacular sights that continue grace our sky. Astrophotographers too, enjoy the opportunity to capture images that are quite breathtaking.

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