iOptron CubePro 90

The iOptron CubePro 90 is an amazing system that brings together exactly the same precision goto and tracking technology found in the MiniTower, but bundled in a portable, easy-to-carry system.

The CubePro mount features a GOTONOVA® computerized control system with approximately 130,000 objects and an 8-line backlit LCD screen. A 32 channel internal GPS, easy alignment procedure and accurate GoTo and auto-tracking minimize the setup time.

1" stainless steel tripod legs with metal platform and metal hinges helps make the mount extremely sturdy. The compact design of the tripod and the mount makes it easy to transport around in a travel case, and the mount assembly time takes under 5 minutes.

The standard Vixen-type dovetail saddle makes this mount compatible with many different OTAs. CubeProTM is compatible with all ASCOM compliant planetarium programs and many other programs such as Sky X, Starry Night and Voyager.

Included with the package are is iOptron’s 1.25 amp AC Adaptor which allows a telescope to be connected to an ordinary power outlet and , Transforms 110-volt to 240-volt current into 12 DC volts.

A 1.5 kg counterweight with bar fits all SmartStar-A series mounts (Dual AltAz/EQ mounts and once the bar is attached to the mount the counterweight can be moved and locked in place for optimal telescope balance.

Then there is the USB cable which will help to keep your laptop computer at a safe distance from the telescope when it is re-aligning, and allows you to download firmware and database upgrades as well as to control your telescope via a computer.

iOptron CubePro 90 Features

  • Internal GPS
  • #8401 controller with USB port
  • ~ 130,000 object database
  • Accurate GOTONOVA® GoTo and auto-tracking
  • Automatic over-current protection
  • Automatic clutch protection for both axes
  • Metal worm/gear
  • Extra stability tripod with metal hinges and platform
  • 1-inch stainless steel legs
  • 12 lb Payload
  • 1.5 kg. counterweight
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • ASCOM/Planetarium software compatible
  • 90mm Refractor Telescope
  • 500mm focal length
  • 1-1/4 inch rack-and pinion focuser
  • Two 1-1/4 inch diameter eyepieces (10mm & 25mm)
  • 45 degree erect diagonal

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