Green Laser Pointer

Despite the fact that blue, red and green laser pointers are commonly available, the brightness and long-distance visibility have made the green the most widely used for amateur astronomers.

The beam is visible both at night and during the daytime, and is particularly bright in the evening, having an output power ranging from 5mW to 150mW will be usable for presentations, while the higher powered lasers normally have much longer distance beam visibility.

Using The Astronomy Laser Pointer

The Green Laser Pointer is a popular gadget used by those teaching astronomy.Rather than carrying out a lot of of arm waving and finger pointing, tutors can point directly and clearly towards a particular star or constellation.

It is an effective way of improving the precision of pointing to celestial objects and astronomy teaching. It is a most convenient time saving device that the serious teacher cannot afford to be without.

Astronomy laser pointers which are mounted on a telescope can help the amateur astronomer aim and focus the stars or other objects accurately and quickly.

A Word Of Caution

Although these devices are extremely convenient and a great time saver, serious damage can be done if used irresponsibly. Whenever observing celestial objects in the night sky you should ensure you protect your eyes with laser safety goggles, that way you will enjoy your astronomy work much more. The manufacturers guidelines should be adhered to at all times.

  • Not suitable for use by children
  • Must not be pointed at people
  • Must not be pointed towards vehicles or aircraft

The Zhumell Green Astronomical Laser Pointer is user friendly and uncomplicated laser pointer which is considered by many to be included in the list of must haves.

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