Zhumell Green Astronomical Laser Pointer

The Zhumell Green Astronomical Laser Pointer is a great telescope accessory that generates a straight line in the sky night reflecting image particles in the air.

It is an extremely handy tool if you want to clearly show friends or colleagues the stars or any number of other night sky objects, and is an ideal tool for educators.

Regardless of whether you happen to be delivering a lecture on the night sky, or de-constructing pie charts in the boardroom, you are going to take delight in the power of this Zhumell Laser.

The 5mW laser diode generates a 532nm green beam which is visible for upto 0.5 miles away.

This is not to be mistaken for similar red lasers of the same power. This laser looks brighter simply because it falls in the region of the spectrum of the human eye's greatest sensitivity.

It is user-friendly and uncomplicated whilst at the same time being cost-effective, the Zhumell laser pointer is a must have gadget for all stargazers.

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