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Discover the difference in Meade Binoculars

Even though many binocular brands look similiar, there are frequently crucial differences in performance from one company to another.

Every Meade binocular, includes high quality optical components, tough optical housings, and precision mechanical parts for many years of high-performance viewing

Regardless of whether the object you're viewing is many light years away or just perched in a tall tree at the bottom of the garden, Meade's 9x63,20x80 and 25x100 Astro binoculars provides outstanding high end performance with sharp resolution and a bright image.

The giant achromatic objective lenses provide powerful light gathering ability and long eye relief provides hour upon hour of comfortable viewing without eyestrain.

Meade’s Astronomical Binoculars feature coated optics for improved contrast and high-quality objective lenses provide you with remarkable light-gathering ability, offering brighter and a much better viewing experience.

In the event you wear eyeglasses, the long eye relief features an ocular design that permits you to rest your glasses comfortably on the rubber eye-piece without eye-strain.

Additionally, each pair is tripod adaptable and features a rubber armored coating, helping you to keep a steady grip. Meade’s Astronomy Binoculars are available in 3 sizes to match your precise requirements.

These binoculars has been designed to provide superior performance for your maximum viewing pleasure.

Irrespective of your application you'll take pleasure in the superior optics and sturdy construction that help to make Meade astro binoculars such an outstanding choice.

Meade Astro 9x63

  • Roof Prism
  • Field Of View 93m at 1000m/5.8°
  • Power: 9x
  • Optics: Fully coated
  • Exit Pupil 7 mm
  • Eye relief: 21.5mm
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs.

Meade Astro 20x80

  • Porro Prism
  • Field Of View 56m at 1000m/3.2°
  • Power: 20x
  • Optics: Multi Coated
  • Exit Pupil 4 mm
  • Eye relief: 17mm
  • Weight: 4.55 lbs.

Meade Astro 25x100

  • Porro Prism
  • Field Of View 44m at 1000m/2.2°
  • Power: 25x
  • Optics: Multi Coated
  • Exit Pupil 3.9 mm
  • Eye relief: 17mm
  • Weight: 9.95 lbs.

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