Meade ETX-125

The Meade ETX-125 AT (f/15) Maksutov-Cassegrain w/UHTC telescope offers optical quality that has made it a standard in the industry, Meade's best optical coatings, an advanced Meade 497 GOTO computer handbox and an easy to use red dot viewfinder along with a solid mount and tripod.

If you are in looking for a high quality portable scope absolutely loaded with features and performance you need look no further. Includes instructional DVD.

The ETX-125 AT telescope features an advanced Maksutov-Cassegrain design for pinpoint star images and extraordinary contrast, making it a great deep sky performer and ideal for detailed lunar and planetary observation as it easily soars to high magnifications.

Meade ETX-125 I

This 125mm (5.0") model has a focal length of 1900mm, f/15, with Meade's best Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC).

Easy Align

Meade's ETX-AT with Easy Align. You just enter your time and location and use the included bubble level compass to level the telescope and point it North. The ETX-AT will then point to the first of two alignment stars. Use the red dot finder to center the alignment star in the eyepiece.

Meade AutoStar

The AutoStar controller helps you quickly find, and GO TO over 30,000 objects in the night sky. View planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and comets, all at the push of a button.

AutoStar is pre-programmed with several guided tours, including the popular Tonight's Best™. Input date, time and location - then let AutoStar take you on a guided tour of the best objects that particular night.

Optional Aluminum Hard Carry Case

This heavy duty ETX-90 Aluminum Hard Carry Case enhances the portability of your scope and protects your investment during transport. Aluminum construction, with custom fitted molded foam inserts for your telescope, eyepieces and accessories.

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