Meade Laser Collimator

You can use the Meade Laser Collimator to speedily and accurately line up your telescope optics. Meade's Laser Collimator makes easier the collimation process. Collimation is a technique to align the telescope's optics.

Telescope optics are typically aligned in the factory, but transport and handling can occasionally misalign collimation. Misaligned collimation can mean dimmer as well as blurrier images in your telescope eyepiece.

Meade Laser Collimator

Meade's Laser Collimator offers a quick, straightforward, and accurate approach to collimation. For use with Meade LightBridge Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescopes, and any Newtonian reflecting telescope.


  • 1.25" Eyepiece Barrel Diameter
  • Laser Diode/Class IIIA Laser Product. Wavelength 635-670nm. Max output power <5mW.
  • Machined anodized aluminum housing with all internal surfaces coated non-reflective flat black.

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