Meade LT Telescopes

About Meade LT Telescopes

At the center of all telescopes are its optics, and Meade Instruments provide you with some of the finest optics to be found anywhere.

Their advanced, proprietary processes deliver the finest quality professional grade optics on the market, and for individuals who desire substantially more there is a patented Advanced Coma-Free™ (ACF) system, which delivers distortion free optical resolution from edge to edge.

Yo only have to compare Meade's Advanced Coma-Free system to Ritchey-Chrétien systems which sell for substantially more.

The LT series is a fully featured Go To telescope that sets a new high-performance standard for telescopes. Its legendary Meade SC optics, along with precision worm gear drives, sturdy die-cast aluminum mount and robust steel tripod make this the ultimate platform for high-resolution visual observation and imaging.

The LT series is the perfect telescope for any astronomer who desires exceptional optics, mechanics and computer control in a compact high-performance system.

AutoStar Computer

With easy and quick alignment, the AutoStar computer controller guides the telescope to any of the 30,000 objects that are in its comprehensive library, automatically.

And, if you don't know what to view just select the "Tonight's Best" tour, and AutoStar will show you the evenings finest objects. Planets, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, double and variable stars, asteroids, comets, earth satellites, the International Space Station and more, are all within the 30,000 plus database.

Eight D cell batteries will run the telescope for several full nights of observing, with a Meade Universal A/C power supply available optionally for seperate purchase.

Telescope Mount

A rigid, die-cast aluminum mount solidly supports the optical tube in all sky orientations. Precision 4.875" diameter worm gears in both axes provides smooth Sidereal tracking of objects in the night sky. The stable, fully adjustable steel tripod delivers all the rigidity required in sensitive field applications.

The Meade LT6 delivers an astounding level of optical, mechanical and computer performance to be found in a telescope.

The Meade LT8 Its legendary optics, along with precision worm gear drives make this the ultimate platform for high resolution visual observation and imaging

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