Oberwerk Binoculars 10x50WA

Oberwerk Binoculars 10x50WA are a wide-angle design, with BAK4 prisms and highest-quality broadband multi-coatings. They are recommended for anyone that wants a great multi-purpose binocular, yet has more than enough light-gathering power for observing the night sky.

Quality multi-coatings maximize the amount of light that passes through a lens. An uncoated lens surface passes only 95% of the light that hits it- 5% is lost due to reflection and scattering.

This is one of the only water-proof binoculars available that uses a convenient center focus, which is made possible by the use of super-stiff ceramic ocular bridges. The ceramic bridges keep the oculars in perfect alignment, in order to maintain a waterproof seal.

Oberwerk Binoculars 10x50WA

The bright, wide 6.5° field of view makes them ideal for binocular astronomy. At a relatively low 10x power, they offer a steady view even when hand-holding.

The high degree of eye relief and fold-down eyecups makes this model a great choice for people who wear eyeglasses.

Heavily rubber-armored metal body, with brass 1/4-20 tripod adapter threading. Also includes right ocular diopter adjustment, Fujinon-style soft rubber ocular cover, attached soft rubber objective covers, and rugged nylon case.

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