Telescope Accessories

Choosing the most essential add-ons for your telescope

There are all kinds of telescope accessories to complement basically any kind of telescope that you have in mind. Even if you already own a telescope, you can purchase many components to help make your telescope all that you ever wanted it to be.

Since the telescope eyepiece is most likely one of the most essential elements of your telescope, you might want to consider interchangeable eyepieces that can offer you a different view of the heavens.

In the event that your telescope currently comes with an adjustable eyepiece, of course, you won’t need extra eyepieces, but those telescopes with a static eyepiece will need a few different lenses in order for you to view things with more clarity.

The telescope mount is most likely the most important accessory to have to enhance your viewing of distant objects.

You could have a telescope that costs lots of money, but if you install it on a $20 mount, you simply won't get acceptable results from your star gazing.

The mount will vibrate and not provide you with precise images when you look into your telescope, so pick a mount as an accessory that will enhance the grade of telescope that you have.

You may have decided that you want to change your existing telescope. Which add-ons should you look out for in a new telescope bundle? Well, it might be beneficial if you have a case that is included with your set-up for convenient transportation.

A hard case is preferable to a soft case however when it comes to telescope accessories, this can be hugely important , particularly if you're looking at the stars away from home and having to transport your equipment.

Chances are you'll also want to invest some money in filters so that if you've a refracting telescope that is susceptible to chromatic aberration, you can minimize the way it looks. Telescope filters can in fact be purchased fairly cheaply from a multitude of locations that supply telescope accessories and could mean the difference between a clear image and a fuzzy one.

Another significant telescope item is available in paper form. It is a star chart which makes it incredibly easier to find what you are looking for in the night sky rather than relying on chance.

A star chart will give you coordinates so that you can point your telescope in the correct direction and see what you're searching for without having to go through the trial and error process.

Tutors and teachers will find that a laser pointer will point out celestial bodies quickly and easily and is an indispensible gadget.

DSLR Imaging

DSLR imaging enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of a field flattener to their arsenal, such as that produced by Skywatcher. It enhances the usable field for imagers appreciably, and with the trend towards modern day fast refractors and large chips on cameras, it will improve images and lessen coma whilst sharpening stars at the edge of the field.

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