Televue Plossl Eyepiece

From the time when the first TeleVue Plossl eyepiece was unveiled in 1980, they have gained worldwide praise and patents. These Plössls, developed by Al Nagler, have been universely accepted as an acknowledged standard of performance and value in the class of 50° apparent field of view eyepieces.

And although the TeleVue Plossl may be the least costly eyepiece range, they benefit from the same care and attention to detail as the most costly. Whilst it is extremely easy for many other companies to compete for the lowest price, Tele Vue believes that high quality, performance and uniformity will inevitably reward you with the most value for your money.

Diffraction limited "on-axis" performance is a given. Using more expensive high-index glasses to reduce astigmatism and lateral color at the field's edge, Tele Vue Plössls deliver sharper images than any other brand of 4 or 5 element "Plössls" or Orthoscopic designs.

The faster the focal ratio of your telescope, the greater your visual reward for using Tele Vue eyepieces. The TeleVue Plossl features full multi-coatings for the greatest light transmission and contrast. Blackened lens edges and internal anti-reflection threads fine-tune the last amount of contrast for optimum image detail.

Caps are supplied for both ends of each eyepiece. Eyepieces 20mm and longer in focal length have rubber grip rings for easy handling in cold weather . All are threaded for filters

The sharper field focuses faint star light into perceptible points and makes it possible for individuals with undriven mounts to gaze for a longer time before repositioning the image.

The 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 11mm and 8mm TeleVue Plossl round out the focal lengths for various observing from deep sky to planetary. They work best with Tele Vue Powermates to effectively double the number of focal lengths in your collection. Far superior to eyepieces usually provided as standard with most instruments.

Plossl 8mm

  • Focal Length (mm) 8
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1¼"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 50
  • Eye Relief (mm) 6
  • Weight (lb / oz) 0.11 / 1.8
  • Field Stop (mm) 6.5

Plossl 11mm

  • Focal Length (mm) 11
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1¼"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 50
  • Eye Relief (mm) 8
  • Weight (lb / oz) 0.14 / 2.2
  • Field Stop (mm) 9.1 9

Plossl 15mm

  • Focal Length (mm) 15
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1¼"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 50
  • Eye Relief (mm) 10
  • Weight (lb / oz) 0.16 / 2.6
  • Field Stop (mm) 12.6

Plossl 20mm

  • Focal Length (mm) 20
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1¼"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 50
  • Eye Relief (mm) 14
  • Weight (lb / oz) 0.19 / 3.0
  • Field Stop (mm) 17.1

Plossl 25mm

  • Focal Length (mm) 25
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1¼"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 50
  • Eye Relief (mm) 17
  • Weight (lb / oz) 0.27 / 4.3
  • Field Stop (mm) 21.2

Plossl 32mm

The 32mm Plössls, with its larger 50° apparent field, will deliver the same true field as the 40mm but with higher magnification. The 32mm is parfocal with the shorter focal length Plössls.

  • Focal Length (mm) 32
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1¼"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 50
  • Eye Relief (mm) 22
  • Weight (lb / oz) 0.39 / 6.2
  • Field Stop (mm) 27

Plossl 40mm

In the 1¼" series there is included a long eye-relief 40mm focal length in the series with a 43° apparent field. Like the 55mm, its focal plane is at the barrel edge for maximum field in the 1¼" format.

  • Focal Length (mm) 40
  • Barrel Size (in.) 1¼"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 43
  • Eye Relief (mm) 28
  • Weight (lb / oz) 0.41 / 6.6
  • Field Stop (mm) 27

Plossl 55mm

The 55mm focal length has the largest true field possible for 2" eyepiece holders -3 times the true field area of any 1¼" eyepiece. The focal plane is placed at the end of the barrel to minimize vignetting. Performance with Schmidt-Cassegrains is remarkable since it avoids the image degradation and severe vignetting which occurs when using telecompressors. Long eye-relief and unique adjustable eyeguard for eyeglass wearers.

  • Focal Length (mm) 55
  • Barrel Size (in.) 2"
  • Apparent Field of View (deg.) 50
  • Eye Relief (mm) 38
  • Weight (lb / oz) 1.13 / 18.1
  • Field Stop (mm) 46

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