TeleVue Eyepiece

While it's true that every single TeleVue eyepiece delivers an essential center sharpness that is so vital for planetary viewing and splitting double stars, observers also receive the additional added bonus of a sharp wide field and comfortable eye relief with all the various design types.

TeleVue Plössls are patented to be sharper over a larger field than any other competing brands of Plössls or Orthos.

Tele Vue 60° Radians, 68° Panoptics, 82° Naglers and 100° Ethos are the eyepieces of preference, along with the 50° Nagler 2mm--4mm and 3mm--6mm zoom, for full field sharpness.

The best possible performance necessitates the very best materials such as high index lanthanum and fluorite type glasses, in some instances costing up to 15x more than ordinary glass types.

An optical design incorporates a number of lens elements employing different glass materials and shapes. Elements cemented together are called a group.

Each TeleVue design is configured to achieve the sharpest full field, with the number of elements and groups minimized, while yielding the largest possible true fields and eye relief.

It's very gratifying that TeleVue designs throughout the last 2 decades have attained almost legendary status.

TeleVue Optics State Of The Art

Cutting edge, innovative designs, improved materials and coating techniques have made it possible for Tele Vue to consistently develop what many people consider to be the most effective eyepieces on the market.

Consequently, discontinued eyepieces, for example the "Wide Fields", and original Nagler and Nagler type 2 models, are much sought after and have frequently turned out to be collector items that will often sell for a lot more than they cost originally.

TeleVue Eyepiece Designs

TeleVue Barlows
These Barlows use multi-coated high index glasses for optimum aberration correction, exceptional contrast with virtually no light loss.

TeleVue Delos
With Ethos performance standards as benchmarks, the Delos design achieves full field sharpness, virtually perfect f8(theta)distortion mapping, and color neutrality

TeleVue Dioptrx
These units connect and lock onto the top of more than twenty long eye-relief Tele Vue eyepieces to attain the sharpest full-field observing achievable

TeleVue Ethos
This eyepiece is viewed by many as the ultimate eyepiece

TeleVue Radian
Al Nagler designed the Radian Eyepieces to offer a wider field of view coupled with long eye-relief for spectacle wearers

TeleVue Nagler
These new eyepieces increase contrast, maintain or increase eye-relief, reduce size and weight, and maintain the sharpness of the originals. They are all parfocal and great with the Bino Vue.

TeleVue Panoptic
This series of eyepieces has taken the Wide-Field concept to Nagler-like performance levels

TeleVue Plossl
Although the TeleVue Plossl may be the least costly eyepiece range, they benefit from the same care and attention to detail as the most costly

TeleVue Powermate
There are a number of benefits to be had when choosing to use can a Televue Powermate over a typical Barlow lens

In the video below Al Nagler of Televue Optics discusses his astrophotography endeavors....

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