TeleVue Radian Eyepiece

TeleVue Radian eyepieces have six or seven lens elements, depending on the focal length. They make ideal planetary and general purpose eyepieces, and are very relaxing to use with glasses, as the distance from lens to eye or "Eye Relief" is 20mm throughout the whole range.

Instadjust was developed for maximizing contrast while aiding in proper eye positioning for non-eyeglass wearers.

It is vitally important, since with the Radian's long eye-relief, non-eyeglass wearers can easily get too close to the eyepiece, resulting in vignetting where edge field rays miss your pupil. The push-pull, click-stop adjustment permits fast positioning and maximum suppression of environmental stray light.

An additional unique development is the Pupil Guide which aids non-eyeglass wearers, especially novices, zero-in and stay centered on the exit pupil. The Pupil Guide is included with all Radian and Nagler Type 4s and fits under the soft, fold-down rubber eyeguard.

The size and weight blend of these Radian eyepieces make them preferable for small scopes and bino-viewers, and have the added convenience of being parfocal with other 1 ¼ inch Tele Vue eyepieces.

"What sets Radians apart from other long eye-relief, short-focal-length eyepieces is superb image quality. Even discerning planetary observers who customarily choose Plössl or orthoscopic designs are switching to Radian." - Sky & Telescope, December 1999

TeleVue 3mm Radian

  • 3mm Radian
  • TeleVue ERD-03.0
  • Focal Length 3mm
  • Field Stop Diameter 3.3mm
  • Eye-relief 20mm
  • 6 elements

TeleVue 4mm Radian

  • 4mm Radian
  • TeleVue ERD-04.0
  • Focal Length 4mm
  • Field Stop Diameter 4.2mm
  • Eye-relief 20mm
  • 6 elements

Televue 5mm Radian

  • TeleVue ERD-05.0
  • Focal Length 5mm
  • Field Stop Diameter 5.3mm
  • Eye-relief 20mm
  • 6 elements

Televue 6mm Radian

  • TeleVue ERD-06.0
  • Focal Length 6mm
  • Field Stop Diameter 6.3mm
  • Eye-relief 20mm
  • 6 elements

Televue 14mm Radian

  • TeleVue ERD-14.0
  • Focal Length 14mm
  • Field Stop Diameter 14.4mm
  • Eye-relief 20mm
  • 6 elements

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