Vixen Giant ARK Binoculars

The Vixen Giant ARK Binoculars series are large nitrogen purged, waterproof binoculars that stand alone in the field of combined performance and image quality.

The same care that goes into making our high-end telescopes is evident in our large aperture binoculars.

Vixen Giant ARK series Binoculars are ideal for viewing the starry sky or long distance terrestrial viewing.

The 12x80 model with a near 7mm exit pupil and 4.5 degree field of view is best suited for astronomical use.

The 16x80 modelallows the observer to get closer to the action without any increase in unit weight, and the 20x80 wide angle model represents the best of high magnification, wide angle viewing.

The 16-40x80 Zoom Binoculars (not waterproof) have the zoom focus conveniently located near the right eye piece.

All binoculars can be either hand held, or for the most stable viewing platform, mounted on our Porta mount or a photographic tripod (with the optional tripod adapter).

Vixen Giant ARK Series Binoculars

The 80mm diameter lenses of these units allow the observer to take in such celestial sights as the Orion or Lagoon Nebula and other celestial wonders. The Milky Way, the Moon and bright comets will jump out at you with this combined aperture and power.

The optics on the Vixen ARK series binoculars are multicoated and the prisms are made from BaK4 glass.

This combination allows for the greatest transfer of light through the optics. Other benefits include rugged optical housings, fine focusing and a right eye dioptor to allow for left/right eyesight differences.

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