Zhumell Binoculars

Zhumell binoculars are top quality astronomical binoculars that are lightweight and far easier to use when compared to many other comparably-sized optics. They are extremely convenient and provide an excellent way to view the heavens without having to carry around and set up a large telescope.

There are so many ways to use astronomy binoculars, including impromptu observations in the backyard, full-on deep sky viewing sessions, terrestrial observation of mountains, boats, or airplanes, or as an advanced finderscope.

Zhumell binoculars

First there are the Zhumell Tachyon 25×100 Astronomical Binoculars which are a top-of-the-line choice for amateurs or industry professionals at a price that needn’t be focused on. The 100mm objective lenses offer an expansive field of view in which to enjoy the huge 25-times magnification.

Zhumell Binoculars

Craters on the moon and rings on planets are easily observed under the right conditions, and constellations will be visible in ways you didn’t think possible with binoculars. And since the Tachyon 25×100 takes 1.25-inch astronomical filters, you can enhance your enjoyment of the Moon, planets, and nebulae.

Look up at the sky and see through fully multi-coated lenses with BaK4 prisms housed in a binocular with nitrogen-purged waterproof construction and individual eyepiece focus.

The locking aluminum case allows you to pack it up with confidence, knowing that bumpy roads or careless airline handling won’t damage the optics. Zhumell provides a 25-year no-fault warranty, so you’ve got the security to make an investment in your passion knowing that we stand behind our product.

Next in line are the 20×80 SuperGiant Astronomy Binoculars

Generally speaking, larger binoculars mean increased neck strain and more difficult viewing. As a solution to the problem, the Zhumell 20×80 SuperGiant Astronomy Binoculars is a huge-lens lightweight binocular that’s perfect for viewing the sky or earth.

Zhumell Binoculars

Weighing in at just 4.4 pounds, you can easily carry these on long journeys through the field to get away from city lights. The built-in tripod mount, suitable for any standard tripod, makes handling high magnifications much easier.

Mount ‘em up and enjoy features like BaK4 prisms for awesome light transmission, smooth-handling center focus with right diopter adjustment, fully multi-coated optics, and edge-to-edge clarity in an extra-wide field of view.

Of course, the real center piece of these binoculars is the size. With an 80mm objective lens, they are nearly unique in size and certainly unique in their price range. So set your sights on Zhumell SuperGiant Binoculars for your astronomical or terrestrial viewing.

Whether you’re scouring the skies before setting up a telescope, getting a better view of planets and constellations, or just closing in on the horizon, these Zhumell big binocs deliver.

Oh, and don’t forget, Zhumell provides a 25-year, no-fault warranty to back them up.

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