12 Inch Telescope

You will find that a larger, good quality 12 inch telescope is extremely rewarding, but it will need a permanent home as it is bulky and heavy to move around.

These telescopes are able to gather considerably more light than either 8 inch or 10 inch scopes, taking you far deeper into space, revealing fainter and more distant objects.

You will find a good choice of scopes from a number of different companies such as Meade, Orion, Skywatcher and Zhumell.

So if you feel you can manage the additional weight and bulk, these larger telescopes are well worth considering, and in good atmospheric conditionsyou will see a lot more detail.

You only have to surf through any respected amateur astronomy magazine or check online to do a comparison of their merchandise to check prices and availabilty.

Here are some popular ones in alphabetical order, to whet your appetite...

The Meade LX200 ACF 12 inch telescope offers advanced coma-free optics to bring the astronomical image quality of a professional observatory.

The LX200ACF includes all the field-proven features of the LX200 including GPS, Primary Mirror Lock, Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser, Oversized Primary Mirror, SmartDrive, Smart Mount, AutoStar II and more.

The Orion SkyQuest XX12g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope is the latest innovative combination of big-aperture performance and convenient portability.

This very large aperture high quality parabolic reflector Skywatcher 300 PDS telescope will provide you with spectacular views of solar system objects in addition to Galaxies, Nebulae and clusters.

The Skywatcher Skyliner autotracking 300p Dobsonian is a revolutionary new collapsible Dobsonian that allows automatic tracking of celestial objects without complicated set-ups and adds the ultimate in portability and performance.

The Zhumell Z12 Telescope scope has been designed to be a big “light bucket” to capture necessary light to see objects deep in the night sky, it has a fully multi-coated 12-inch mirror for bright, crystal-clear contrast and definition.

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12 Inch Telescope

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