Celestron LCM Computerized Telescopes

About Celestron LCM Computerized Telescopes

These scopes automatically locate the wonders of the Universe with their motorized system and on board computer.

All glass, fully coated optics reveal the depths of our solar system and the wonders of the Universe.

Fully adjustable tripod features a convenient accessory tray. Easy to use computerized hand control allows user to locate objects at the touch of a button.

This series from Celestron brings a completely new generation of computer automated technology. Simple and easy to use, the LCM telescope is up and operating after locating just 3 bright celestial objects.

For those of you who are newcomers to astronomy, chances are you'll want to begin by using the built-in Sky Tour feature, which directs the LCM to obtain the most interesting objects in the sky and automatically slews to each one.

On the other hand should you be more knowledgeable , you'll value the extensive database of over 4,000 objects, as well as customized lists of all the best deep-sky objects, planets, bright double stars.

Irrespective of what level you are beginning your journey at, the LCM will unwrap all the treasures of the Universe with ease.

Celestron 60LCM
SkyAlign alignment technology and StarPointer red dot LED finder makes certain lining up on the sky is a snap

Celestron 70LCM
This scope has all the features and optical performance necessary to keep a recreational astronomer happily observing for many years

Celestron 80LCM
Newcomers to astronomy will make very good use of the LCMs built-in Sky Tour feature

Celestron 90LCMThe all glass fully coated optics uncover the depths of our unique solar system and the treasures of the Universe.

Celestron 114LCM
Simple and friendly to use, the 114LCM telescope is up and running after locating just three bright celestial objects.

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