Celestron SkyProdigy Telescope

The Celestron SkyProdigy, Possibly the smartest series of telescopes anywhere in the universe.

SkyProdigy's StarSense functions can find stars and star patterns imaged with the scopes alignment camera even in twilight and with skies impaired by light pollution or thin hazes.

There are currently three telescopes in the range the SkyProdigy 70, SkyProdigy 90 and SkyProdigy 130.

The Celestron SkyProdigy series is a truly revolutionary product with ground breaking technology, SkyProdigy is the product of a culmination of decades of telescope advancements.

It combines electronic motors, an intelligent on-board computer, a digital camera and StarSense technology to create an automatic, instant alignment telescope that requires no input from the user. You simply turn it on, push a button and enjoy the view. It really is that easy.

The SkyProdigy’s automatic alignment process takes only a few minutes, then you will be ready to select from thousands of objects to view.

Not sure what to look at?

Select the Sky Tour option; this feature offers a customized list of the best objects in the sky to view for your exact time and location anywhere in the world.

No knowledge of the night sky is required. One touch innovation turns anyone into an instant astronomer.

Celestron SkyProdigy General Features

  • Fully Automatic Alignment Procedure
  • Fully Computerized Altazimuth Mount
  • Quick-Release Fork Arm Mount and Optical Tube for Easy, Quick No Tool Set Up
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Tripod and Accessory Tray
  • CD-ROM The SkyX First Light Edition Astronomy Software Which Provides Education About the Sky
  • Battery Pack Providing over 30 Hours of Power

Computerized Mount Features

  • Proven Computer Control Technology
  • Database Allows Telescope to Automatically Locate Over 4,000 Celestial Objects
  • Proprietary StarSense Technology Provides a Completely Automatic Alignment Process with No User Intervention Required
  • Flash Upgradeable Hand Control Software for Downloading Product Updates Over the Internet

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