Meade DS2000 Telescope Series

The Meade DS2000 telescope series are excellent starter scopes and offer fully GoTo performance.These scopes are very easy to operate and yet remain sophisticated, fully computer-guided GO TO telescopes.

This incredible technology knows the night sky right out of the box. Just turn it on, and after a brief alignment procedure, your telescope is ready to take you to any object in it's comprehensive library.

If you prefer it can take you on a guided tour of the heavens where you can see more objects in one night than Galileo saw in his lifetime.

All models in this range share the Meade lightweight, portable and reliable DS2000 single arm robotic mount with Model 494 Autostar Computer Keypad.

Three DS models currently make up this series, the Meade DS2080 AT-TC 80mm, the Meade DS2114 AT-TC 114mm and the Meade DS2130 AT-TC 130mm.


The Meade Starnavigator series which include the Starnavigator 102 and Starnavigator 114 which are both good entry level models.You will be amazed by the clear sharp images from these scopes.

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