Meade Telescope Accessories

The range of Meade telescope accessories are almost as wide and diverse as the universe itself, and let's be honest, when it comes to telescopes, you want top quality accessories at a great price and with plenty of options. That is certainly what you are going to get with Meade as they provide an incredibly diverse catalog full of extras for your telescope.

The Meade Company has always been known as being amongst the most reputable and dependable companies for telescopes and telescope accessories.

They produce high quality merchandise at prices that even the newbie astronomer is able to afford, yet seasoned star gazers can also benefit from their diverse range of products.

Meade eyepieces are some of the finest in the business. The range of different apertures that will accommodate the majority of eyepiece housings and at many different clarity levels.

The Barlow lens is yet another of Meade's accessories. The Barlow lens goes into your telescope's eyepiece and enables you to observe the cosmos in startling clarity.

Filters can make a real difference between a crystal clear image and a blurry one. Meade Filters will help cut out chromatic aberration in your reflecting telescope, and having quality filters can ensure your astronomical observances are considerably more rewarding.

Having a case that house your telescope in can be extremely important, particularly if you are going to do much of your star gazing away from home. Meade has an extensive line of telescope cases that can very easily carry all your accessories together with your all-important telescope.

Many Meade telescopes can accommodate cameras as well, so you will also want to have a cable that will permit you to interface your telescope with your computer.

Being able to capture images in your telescope through a camera is one of the best parts about star gazing. No doubt, you will want to be able to save those images, and your computer is the logical place, so will need a cable to transfer your images to your computer.

Meade Wedges

The Meade UltraWedge delivers precision, ultra-smooth adjustments and extra rigidity for critical alignments so necessary in astrophotography.

Meade Equatorial Wedges are designed for use with Meade Field Tripods as supplied with compatible models.

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