Meade Ultrawedge

The Meade Ultrawedge is one of several different wedges available from Meade and has been especially designed for long exposure astrophotography and imaging with LX200 models.

This is an extremely heavy duty wedge that provides for secure and stable mounting whilst offering outstanding vibration damping of the larger Meade SC and ACF telescopes.

It is highly recommended for 10" to 14" LX200 models but can also be used on all models smaller than the 16". This wedge is LX90 compatible for all models 8" through 12".

For use with the Meade field tripods as supplied with all compatible models including LX50, LX200 "Classic", LX90, LX200, and RCX400. Additionally it can be pier mounted if required.

It should be noted that equatorial mounting is essential for astrophotography and imaging exposures that are longer than about five minutes.

The UltraWedge is mounted between a telescope and tripod to accomplish the tilt of an equatorial type mount that matches up with the observer's latitude and permits precise polar alignment of your telescope.

The wedge allows the astrophotographer to align the telescope's axis of rotation with the Earth's axis of rotation. This alignment eliminates stars in your long exposure photograph from appearing as a long arc, trail or streak due to an effect known as field rotation.

For images under five minutes a wedge is not required, the telescope may be mounted in the altitude-azimuth (alt-az) configuration commonly used for visual observation.

It is constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum and incorporates latitude and longitude fine adjustments, together with a compass to use the magnetic pole as a starting reference.

The UltraWedge is an incredibly heavy and substantial piece of hardware weighing in at 26 pounds.

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