Skywatcher Skyliner Dobsonian

The Skywatcher Skyliner Dobsonian telescope is a long time favorite of countless amateur astronomers and is available in a variety of configurations ranging in size from 6" to 16".

The Dobsonian itself is a simple yet elegant form of an alt-azimuth mount made to carry a Newtonian reflector and was popularized by John Dobson more than thirty years ago.

The Dobsonian mounted telescope is extremely popular among amateur astronomers and telescope makers because of its sheer simplicity.

In its simplest form, the Dobsonian mount consists of a box which allows the optical tube assembly to pivot in altitude, while the box itself is swiveled on a base in azimuth.

Skywatcher Tension Control

Skywatcher have added a patented tension control handle that allows users to add or reduce tension as required, this means that the scope does not have to be balanced to stay in position. Or if required the tension adjuster can be completely tightened to lock the optical tube in position.

Skywatcher Collapsible Dobsonian (FlexTube)

In addition to their standard range of dobsonians Skywatcher have also introduced the all new collapsible version which also has a Crayford Focuser offering the ultimate in large aperture and portability.

Skywatcher Skyliner Dobsonian

The main benefit is that the scope does not have to be disassembled between uses as it transports in two compactsections allowing for easy setup and use. Collimation of this scope is also a quick and easy job, so you can be ready to go in just a few minutes.

Skyliner 150p Dobsonian

The Skywatcher Skyliner 150p Dobsonian Telescope 153mm/1200mm (6") is the smallest in the range and has a "paraboloidal" primary mirror to eliminate spherical aberration.

Skyliner 200p Dobsonian

The 200p includes a 2" focuser with a 1.25" adapter, allowing the use of either eyepiece size.

Skyliner 250p Dobsonian

The Skywatcher 10” Dobsonian features a primary mirror made of Pyrex glass.

Skyliner 200p Collapsible Dobsonian

This scope has recently undergone some exciting and important design changes, upgrades and improvements.

Skyliner 250p Collapsible Dobsonian

This scope does away with the necessity and extra expense of awkward counterweight systems to balance the telescope

Skyliner 300p Collapsible Dobsonian

The Skyliner 300p Collapsible Dobsonian transports as 2 compact items that can be put together and ready to use within just mere seconds

Skyliner 350p Collapsible Dobsonian

This Collapsible Dobsonian is easy to collimate and once set up, retains its collimation throughout the entire evening.

Skyliner 400p Collapsible Dobsonian

The 400p Collapsible Dobsonian features buttery smooth azimuth bearings.

Skyliner 200p Autotracking FlexTube

The elegant truss tube design was carefully engineered to combine ease of use, extreme portability and consistent performance in an affordable package

Skyliner 250p Autotracking FlexTube

Unlike other truss tube designs, the Skywatcher collapsible dobsonian does not need to be disassembled between uses

Skyliner 300p Autotracking FlexTube

It transports as two compact pieces that can be assembled and ready to use in just seconds.

Skyliner 200P Flextube Synscan

The SkyWatcher Dobsonian SynScan series combines the convenience and affordability of the traditional Dobsonian

Skyliner 250px Flextube Synscan

The Sky-Watcher Dobsonian SynScan series combines the convenience and affordability of the traditional Dobsonian with the convenience of a computerized Go-To telescope

Skyliner 300P Flextube Synscan

Unlike other truss tube designs, the SkyWatcher Collapsible Dobsonian does not need to be disassembled between uses.

Skyliner 350P Flextube Synscan

Even an inexperienced astronomer can master its variety of features in a few observing sessions.

Skyliner 400P Flextube Synscan

The patented dual encoder design allows the telescope to be moved manually whenever the user wishes but with no need for re-alignment

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